As Described by Bob Hettinga, Founder

"Philodox", if you look it up in the Oxford English Dictionary, is a rarely used perjorative word meaning "lover of one's own opinions. :-)."

"I've jokingly used it as my job title for years, and, a couple of days ago, when I decided to create a business dedicated to financial technology evangelism projects like this one, I had Fearghas McKay register the domain name with InterNIC, so we could use it as an umbrella for things like this digital bearer settlement list and conference I'm planning to do."
"In other words, folks, I'm doing this for the money. :-). That means that Philodox will take in money in the form of sponsorships, conference fees, and occasional public domain software development syndicate subscription fees (more on that later), and, out of that money, it will hire whatever goods and services are required to get a given event or project off the ground. After it pays me. :-)."
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"More seriously, it has become apparent to me that lots of the value I add to the business of digital commerce, to financial cryptography, and, hopefully, to digital bearer settlement, is in promoting a given financial technology to the wider world, and, more important, in getting that technology's major players together to conspire to create the future. I did that with the Digital Commerce Society of Boston, and with the e$/e$pam lists, and with the FC97/98 conferences. In order to keep doing stuff like this in the future, I'm going to need to get paid, and, more important, own the assets I create, and Philodox is how I propose to make that happen."