Philodox Symposium 
Digital Bearer Transaction Settlement

July 23-24, 1998
Boston, Massachusetts

The Downtown Harvard Club
Club Dress Code: "business casual", no jeans or sneakers

FRIDAY, July 24

0800-0830 Breakfast
0830-0845 Announcements
0845-1015 Internet Transaction Settlement Economic/Financial Survey and Forecasts
What is the annual dollar volume of all transactions worldwide?
How are they broken up by payment mechanism?
What is the actual and forecasted dollar volume of internet transaction execution?
How will those transactions clear and settle?
What are the current clearing and settlement costs?
What are the expected costs of internet digital bearer settlement?
What is the micro- and macroeconomic impact of a digital bearer settled economy?
1015-1030 Break
1030-1200 Capital Market Applications for Digital Bearer Settlement
What kinds of securities can you create digital bearer instruments for?
How do they work?
How do you vote stock, collect dividends, etc.?
Can you really do limited liability in software, without law?
What size transactions can be cleared and settled like this?
How much transaction volume can a digital bearer market handle?
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1430 Other Market Applications for Digital Bearer Settlement
Just how ubiquitous can the internet be?
Can you create cash settled pay-per-use utilities? Even roads?
Digital bearer gambling tokens? "Digital Collectibles"??
Lions, and tigers, and bears: "Perfect kidnappings", "crypto-anarchy",
auction markets for force, geodesic warfare, the end of civilization
as we know it, and other monsters under the bed.
1430-1445 Break
1445-1630 New Product/Market Ideas for Digital Bearer Settlement
Who are the entrepreneurs?
What else can we do with digital bearer instruments?
When is the transition to digital bearer settlement going to happen?
Where's the most bang for the buck, right now?
How are we going to make money on this?
1630-1645 Closing