I am now starting an email group dedicated to the discussion of the business of, the research and development of, the finance and economics of, and the law and policy of, something which I now think is the most important form of financial cryptography itself.  Something which, like all the other times I took off hell bent for leather about a particular technology, causes much consternation with people who disagree with me about its existance, much less its importance to the way the world will work: Digital Bearer Settlement.


The List's Charter and Projects

Except for explanations of what their effects are, I would like to leave technical discussions of the actual cryptography of bearer settlement protocols to the various cryptographic mail and news groups, not to mention Financial Cryptography conference itself. But, everything else, especially the cost/benefit of digital bearer settlement financial cryptography, and the effect of digital bearer settlement on finance, economics, and policy, should be considered open for discussion on this new list.

The charter of this new list is to actively promote the development of businesses which will sell either digital bearer settlement technology and services or will require those technologies and services in order to function themselves.

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